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Some of the better photos of me since starting at NTU

As all good speeches, short and sweet.

I am currently a BSc International Horticulture student at Nottingham Trent University. I initially created this page, as part of my Fdsc degree before I graduated, to establish an online portfolio. I have since decided to continue updating it to help me further my future career aspirations and create an larger online presence.

Since starting at Nottingham Trent I have engaged in a range of projects and internships to increase my understanding of a wide section of positions covered by the Horticulture industry. This exploration opened me to the world of food security which is currently my main interest, I find the idea of sustainable agriculture intriguing, alongside the impact it is currently having on the world.

I am a highly motivated social entrepreneur, and enjoy merging my education with my enjoyment of travel, gaining multiple internships abroad. Alongside my studies, setting up my own projects, conducting my own  research and trials I have been gaining as varied experience as possible.

I am responsible, enthusiastic and very hard working, currently creating and leading my own Enactus team that is backed by NTU. Working on installing edible vertical farms within the city center creating fresh produce for disadvantage communities. Having been a young carer I am adaptable to problems and changing situations but also very determined to succeed at what I aim for and gain what I want from life.

I am unsure on my path after completing my BSc (Hons) International Horticulture degree. Debating between continuing with further education on a Masters degree course, or trying to find a suitable position where I can grow and continue to increase my knowledge. Whichever I choose, I am going to continue to be a sponge for as much useful/less information as possible and strive for personal development.

Some of the things I’ve seen and done since starting at NTU

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